FF14 Fishing Plugin

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Files: Plugin - v1.12


Advanced Fishing plugin for FF14 using MMOViper.

Attention all Final Fantasy XIV fishers! Are you tired of spending hours at a time catching fish that you don’t need or want? Do you want to maximize your time and efforts when fishing in Eorzea? Look no further than FF14Fisher!

FF14Fisher is a plugin designed specifically for Final Fantasy XIV fishers. It offers a variety of features to help streamline your fishing experience and increase your chances of success. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when using FF14Fisher:

  1. Auto-cast: With FF14Fisher, you can automate your casting process, allowing you to fish without constantly clicking buttons.
  2. Automatic profile switching: Save time and hassle by setting up specific profiles to be used automatically at your favorite fishing spots. Including Time of Day, Weather, and Location.
  3. Precision and Powerful Hooking: These powerful techniques are automatically supported by FF14Fisher, allowing you to catch even the most elusive fish with ease.
  4. Mooch and Mooch II: These two techniques are also supported by FF14Fisher, so you can reel in the biggest and rarest fish in the game.
  5. Thaliak Favor: Use this powerful spell at a defined number of stacks to increase your chances of catching the fish you’re after.
  6. Customizable settings: FF14Fisher allows you to customize your fishing experience to suit your preferences, so you can fish exactly how you want to.
  7. Collectible fishing support: FF14Fisher also supports collectible fishing, making it easier to catch rare and valuable fish.
  8. Buff management: FF14Fisher helps you manage your buffs, ensuring that you always have the right buffs active when you need them.

With all of these features and more, FF14Fisher is the ultimate tool for Final Fantasy XIV fishers. It’s easy to use and can help you level up your fishing skills quickly and efficiently. Don’t waste any more time fishing the old-fashioned way. Try FF14Fisher today and see the difference it can make in your fishing experience.

Still being developed! Keep sending in options and features you need!

7-8-23 – Updated to work with latest game client.
7-11-23 – Updated to fix Input String error
8-1-23 – Compatible with FF14Viper
10-4-23 – Compatible with FF14Viper
5-2-24 – Compatible with FF14Viper


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